Restaurants and Delis

Restaurants and Delis

Kosher Restaurants & Deli's in Cape Town

All establishments are under Beth Din supervision.

Cafe Riteve

A popular eatery offering a kosher restaurant and experience for any occasion.

Address: 88 Hatfield Street, Gardens
Phone: +27 21 465 1594

Avron's Place

A kosher meat takeout establishment nestled in the vibrant heart of Cape Town.

Address: 56 Main Road, Three Anchor Bay
Phone: +27 82 577 4890

Coffee Time

A kosher eatery & event space, hostsing functions, promoting community engagement.

Address: 20 Breda Street,
Phone: +27 21 461 8414

Goldies Deli

From kosher Sunday lunches to Shabbat meals, this delectable deli serves fresh food every day!

Address: 176 Main Road,
Sea Point
Phone: +27 21 434 1116

The Press

Presenting a delectable selection of kosher burgers, succulent steaks, and crisp salads.

Address: 176 Main Road,
Sea Point
Phone: +27 21 434 7724

Crumbs & Cream

A delectable fusion of artisanal ice cream and gourmet cookies, with a kosher store in Sea Point.

Address: 16 Regent Road,
Sea Point
Phone: +27 81 343 2761