Sephardi Hebrew Congregation
of Cape Town

Sephardi Hebrew Congregation
of Cape Town

Est. 1960

Who We Are

Welcome to the Sephardi Hebrew Congregation of Cape Town, the only Sephardi Kehila in the Western Cape. Our membership boasts a mix of descendants of the Jews of Rhodes and Israeli Sephardim living in Cape Town. The blend of cultures is one of the unique features which makes our community so special.

Kahal Kadosh Shalom (as our synagogue is also known) is our soul. The traditions we carry forward from our Papous and Nonas – the age old tunes, food, Tefilah and Torah, are part of who we are. Our synagogue is vibrant and will serve your every need, regardless of your level of observance.  We have regular synagogue services, classes and group gatherings for all ages and we run children’s programmes on Shabbat and Chaggim.

Experience Shabbat with us

Our service is a lovely Sephardi Liturgy, with the sounds of the traditional tunes of the Rhodes community, and Sephardi minhagim (customs). On Friday night we enjoy a lively service mixing traditional and some modern tunes. A delicious and social Kiddush follows each Shabbat morning service.

Mincha, Kabbalat Shabbat & Arvit times are indicated weekly as they vary throughout the year. Shachrit begins at 8:30am until around 11:00am, after which we enjoy a lively communal Kiddush.

We call to the Torah and allocate other honours during the service to members, guests and visitors marking special occasions.

Our friendly Gabbai looks after these arrangements, working with the Rabbi and Hazzan and Executive. We announce and celebrate or commemorate each occasion from the Bimah. The Rabbi gives an informative and engaging sermon each week, and if we are marking a lifecycle event, such as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, he addresses his remarks to the celebration and the family.

We’d love to have you join us for Shabbat. 

For visitors and non-members, please complete the form to let us know you’re joining us!

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