Pastoral Care

Bikur Cholim

To join this team, or if you or someone you know is in a situation that requires help then, please email:

Please don’t assume that someone else has advised us of a situation. We would rather hear about it many times than risk missing a member in need.

Thank you for caring.

Hashem visited Abraham after his Brit Milah. The kindness that Hashem displayed has inspired the Jewish people over the centuries to show kindness to those who are ill.  This significant mitzvah has always been a part of the Jewish heart and soul. We are commanded, as Jews, and as a community to do what we can to not only heal the world, Tikkun Olam, but heal the sick. That’s why we have a Bikkur Cholim Team – to tend to those members in the bed of illness, or who may need a helping hand of any sort.

The Bikur Cholim team of the Sephardi Hebrew Congregation is dedicated to providing compassionate support to individuals and families facing illness, medical or other challenges within the community. 

Services include:

Volunteers visit those who are ill in hospitals, care facilities, or their homes to offer comfort, conversation, and emotional support.

The committee provides nutritious meals to patients and their families during times of illness or medical recovery.

For those who need help getting to medical appointments, the committee offers transportation assistance.

The committee provides resources such as prayer, spiritual counselling, and guidance to patients and their families to help them navigate difficult times.

The committee helps connect individuals with other community resources, including medical equipment loans, home care services, and support groups.

The team co-ordinates support to bereaved families during their difficult time, including co-ordinating meals during the period of Shiva.