Zechirah Plaques

In keeping with Jewish tradition, we observe the anniversary of a loved one’s death. While they live on in our memories, we can also honour them with a tangible memorial located in the Kehila. Donors typically wait until a year after the bereavement to make this purchase. Zechirah plaque donors receive yearly notification of the anniversary and a memorial light is lit next to the plaque throughout the month of the Zechirah.

Each plaque may be engraved with the name of the deceased and date of passing. There will be a light next to each plaque that will be lit during the week of the Zechirah. You will also receive an annual reminder ahead of the Zechirah.

When purchasing a plaque for a deceased loved one, an adjacent space may also be purchased at the same time.  We will put the plaque memorialising your loved one and reserve the plaque in the adjacent spot.  Both plaques must be paid for in full at the time. When the time comes, we will only need the information to order the personalised plaque, and we will add it to the memorial board such that both plaques are together.

Price: R2 500 per plaque

Want to buy or reserve a plaque? Complete the form below and the office team will reconfirm all details and liaise with you and our Rabbi to agree on a date and time for the fixing ceremony.